Welcome to IHR Automotive®!

IHR Automotive® has been a reliable and consistent services provider in the European, Russian and CIS Independent Aftermarket (IAM) for more than 50 years.

Always motivated by our time-tested experience and unchallenged expertise, we are offering our services to vehicle parts producers and suppliers worldwide in the areas of Analytics, Sales, Marketing and Technical Consulting.

We want our partners to succeed. Companies that have partnered with IHR Automotive® were able to expand their businesses into new markets and to considerably accelerate their growth.

This is possible because we have been constantly building strategic partnerships in the Aftermarket industry and because we offer an invaluable insight into 22 local markets and build on an extensive network of partners, customers and people.

The offices of IHR Automotive® are strategically located in 8 countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. We cover from here a total of 22 countries.